Maebelle's Virtual Health School

 Abundant Health Services is the health accountability you need! 

Join one of our 5-week health mastermind programs now:

Diabetes & Obesity Reversal: 

Start Date:  11/9/21
Time: 8p Tuesdays

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   Theta team group is dedicated to reversing and/or preventing Diabetes, Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes along with immune & heart health building.

*Space is limited*

 (Only 5 spots remain)

Mastering Metabolism

Start Date: 1/5/22

Time: 6:15am Wednesdays

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  ALPHA Team group is dedicated to Fat Burning (weight loss/metabolism/maintenance) along with immune health education.   

*Space is limited*
(Only 4 spots remain)

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Hypertension & BMI reduction:


Start Date: 12/2/21

Time: 6:30p Thursdays

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 Our Delta Team group is dedicated to preventing and/or reducing Hypertension & BMI along with heart health education. 

Space is limited

(only 5 spots remain)

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Each session is 20-30mins once per week. 

We are the accountability you need for the right  turnaround practices for your personal health!


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