He touched my mouth

He touched my mouth with his presence
And removed all my transgressions

He filled it with affection
My lips and tongue was arrested
And immediately became his possession
Now his presence has become an obsession

He looked beyond my first impression
And feeds me daily life lessons
His affection is my protection
I don’t need my own weapons

His joy is my currency in a recession
His love is my unwavering blessing
To him my mouth now yields its confessions

In love he filled it with his presence
And blotted out all its transgressions…


  1. I was so moved by your poem that it inspired me to write this poem called "Inspired"

    When I looked into her eyes I can see my soul

    like a feus in a woman I can feel my love grow

    I can't afford a getaway trip, but she takes me to paradise with every kiss

    Her kiss is intoxicating like a fine glass of wine

    I get tipsy when I kiss her everytime

    She inspires me to be my best, God sent me an angel and

    made me forget all the rest


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