Make me

Make me want to quit
You can’t because I have IT

Make me want to stop
You can’t because I’ve seen the mountain top

Just try and make me give up
It will only make me greater develop

Make me want to halt
I’ll wage a full on dream preservation assault

Make me want to throw in the towel
I’ll escape with all the power

Just try & make me give in
And I’ll deliver the win

Try & make me buckle under pressure
And I’ll master inclement weather
I’ll pull together
And only get better
And enjoy endless pleasure
I’ll discover the treasure
Make rain in a desert
Infinite successful measures…


  1. Nice Shawnte - The heart of a Champion is essence of this poem

  2. LOVE IT! It encourages you to keep moving! Where ever you are going!

  3. Never surrender. Love the poem.

  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments!

  5. The definition of #cantstopwontstop awesome!

  6. Determination wins every time!!!


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