Try joy

Try joy instead of lost hope
Let love be your rope
Try joy instead of the urge to destroy
Let patience be your toy
Try joy

Try joy instead of self-deceit
Let it lead you to the path of the free
Try joy instead of weeping
Let it put you in the way of peace
Try joy

Try joy if you want peace
Try joy if you want relief
Try joy if you want to be free
Try joy

Try joy & broaden your scope
Try joy & gain more hope
Try joy & you’ll master life’s slopes
Try joy & you can have the egg & the yolk
Try joy

It’ll give you the divine protective coat


  1. The world would be a much better place if we tried a little more joy....

  2. Joy & happiness, Both involve the emotions, both are pleasurable feelings, and both are Divine. Keep up the good work Ms. Wells


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