Gimme my cheese
You’re beyond belief
I’m sick of the sleaze
My courage can’t freeze
I don’t have the panic disease
I bring relief
So give me my cheese

I cause fear to sneeze
Bringing hope irritation from the scalp to the soles of your feet
Making cynics buckle at the knee
I’m the relief
I manage my own cheese

No ambiguity in between
Clear about destiny
Lucid on who I’m to be
He made me the relief
He designated my cheese

The resistance doesn’t frighten me
I quench hateful darts happily
I counter attack back biting missiles consistently
I’m free of the resistance, I’m the promised relief
And taking my cheese….


  1. Very inspiring. And powerful. I'm taking my cheese!!!

  2. Great poem. Very inspiring and meaningful. Continue to write these amazing poems.

  3. Nice poem, powerful and encouraging.

  4. Great poem encouraging and inspiring...stay in grind mode

  5. This really answered my problem, thank you!
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