I know it’s a lonely road

You may be tired of kissing toads

Don’t stop, Reload

Don’t give up the ghost

Stay on your post

It’s simply time to Reload

Be vigilant & Alert

Keep watch over your coast

Time to Reload

Sometimes it hurts

You may feel like kicking up dirt

Sometimes you just have to Reload

Soon they’ll Roast

Soon you’ll Toast

Soon you’ll Rejoice

You have the Force

It may be a tough choice, but you Must Reload…


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  2. This piece speaks volume. Sometimes many people feel like giving up because of what is happening around and within them but no quitter has ever won the race. You're correct, it's time to reload!

    Thanks for sharing Ms. Wells

  3. Oh how often I feel like kicking up dirt. Being a single mother of five I have no other option but to strive. Reloading on a daily basis.

  4. Two snaps! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Two snaps! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Two snaps! Thank you for sharing.

  7. This a good motivational piece when you feel like you are on empty and you get this kind of poetic reminder to stay focused, for there is unrealized energy abound and the rewards will come in time.

  8. Very nice piece. Stay on track, brush yourself off and continue forward..... or just simply... Reload. Love it


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