Walk America ~MLK Dream Walk And Picnic

Join Me for the 1st Walk America Event of this Decade Sunday 1/19/20 at 3:45p

 Let's walk on the water and RE-IMAGINE the dream at the beautiful Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove Florida for a fun healthy picnic and heart health walk:

Have you ever wondered how much water you need daily? 

No worries we got you covered, 😇we will provide a free water assessment during this meetup!

Have you ever wondered how many calories you are burning in your sleep or through out the day?

No worries we can calculate that for you as well and oh yeah that is free too! Yeah baby😉

 This is a kid friendly & senior citizen friendly meetup, free & open to the public!

Bring the whole family, pets welcome as there is an amazing gated dog park on the premises as well! 


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