Star Skies

I feel like a star
Hung delicately in the sky
Picture perfect
Glowing divine purpose
Collecting tears from eyes

I know I’m a star
Conducting masterful music in the sky
Guiding you through losses
Dismantling pride

A star
Destined & freed
Knowing & showing
Art in the sky


  1. I was inspired by your lovely poems. I was so moved I wrote this poem called "Inspired".

    When I looked into Her eyes I can see my soul,

    like a fetus growing in a woman, I can feel my love grow,

    I can't afford a getaway trip, but she takes me to paradise with her kiss

    Her kiss is intoxicating like a fine glass of wine

    I get tipsy when I kiss her everytime,

    She inspires me to be my best, God sent me an

    angel and made me forget all the rest.


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