the good life

the good life
By: SL Wells

Can life be sweet?
Nice, smooth & comfy
People just being lovely
A permanent retreat
I mean really can life just be sweet

A luxurious cruise
Where you don’t get screwed
Nor have to deal with the rude
Or the belligerent or shrewd
No fears of being sued
Can it just be sweet?

Smiles & giggles
Soft tender tickles
People dancing to fiddles
No lame, blind, crazies or crippled
Just sweet like Johnny Appleseeds
Or like playing hop scotch or jacks
Or when you bought a box of cracker jacks
And won a bowling bat pronounced (bola bat)
Maybe I just want some sweets


 Life is as sweet as I want it to be
The level of sugar in it is up to me
If life aint sweet
Perhaps your mind is still not free
Or you just haven’t decided to be…


  1. I agree life can be sweet the choice is up to you, simply decide to stay focused on the positive and release negative energy from your environment

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